Half Day Class

This session runs from 8.45am to 1pm, five days a week (21.25 hours).

The main door is open at 8.45am, to welcome children and whanau until 9.00am.  If you need to stay with your child, you are able to until 9am, when the work cycle starts for the children. If you arrive after 9am, we ask that you farewell your child at the classroom door and quietly hand over to a teacher.

Children and their parents/caregivers are greeted by the staff individually and staff are available to take messages or answer brief queries.  Please advise if the child is being collected by other than the parent/caregiver.

The work cycle goes from 9am until approximately 11.50am.  Possible activities would include individual independent work or small group lessons involving the Montessori materials; reading with the children; music; drama; art and craft; project work following a particular interest, baking or preparing food…

The garden is open from 9am and the children have the choice to go out if they wish, for a period of time, allowing every child to have a turn. During the individual work time children choose when to have their morning tea, once it has been prepared by the children. Water is always available.  Parents provide the morning tea on a roster basis.  Rosters are displayed on the notice board in the foyer and parents are responsible to check with the teachers for a list of what is needed.

Lunch: At approximately 12pm, children get ready for lunch.  Some children take turns at setting tables for the rest of the group. Children bring their own lunch, in a lunch box. Please provide lunch in a named container.  We recommend small portions, with easy to open containers and healthy choices (no lollies, chocolate or junk food). We have glasses and jugs for water, so drinking bottles are not required.  There are glasses, plates and cutlery available for lunch, if needed.  We have a Food Allergy Policy. WE ARE A NUT FREE PRESCHOOL: please do not include nuts, including muesli bars and nut spreads in your child’s lunchbox.

Children going home at 1pm, get ready in the corridor and are farewelled by a teacher, at the door, to be collected by a parent/caregiver.  Please make sure you are on time to pick up your child.

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