Our Playgroup

We meet to have fun and learn lots in a friendly Montessori environment especially designed for young children aged 0-3 years. 

We have a supervisor with Montessori experience who develops the curriculum and runs the session. She offers guidance to parents and children on how to use the materials. 

We are closely linked to the Montessori-at-Otari Preschool, Wilton. Playgroup sessions are designed to complement the preschool’s 3-6 environment. Children who regularly attend playgroup for a year receive priority status on the preschool’s waiting list. It also helps children make a smooth transition to preschool.

What happens on session?

Parents often comment on the calm slow-paced atmosphere at our Montessori playgroup. The environment is simple, ordered, clean and attractive. During the first part of the session, children choose the Montessori materials they want to work with. Parents are encouraged to sit with their child while they explore the activities. The activities are especially chosen to foster concentration, coordination and self-esteem.  It is wonderful to see usually energetic toddlers sitting quietly with their parents concentrating hard on whatever activity they are trying to master. It might be pairing colourful buttons, sorting miniature animals into groups or using the practical life materials to wash, clean and dry tables. Practical life activities, such as sweeping, pouring and scrubbing, are very popular with the children and help foster their independence. Even though children in the playgroup are very young, they are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for the environment by tidying away their work. The children sit down for morning tea during the session. Parents get a chance to have a chat with each other and a cuppa themselves.  Later there are shared activities like singing, and story time. These help young children experience being part of a community. We tidy up and then there is the option of going to the local playground just down the road from St Luke’s. Our Montessori supervisor leads every session and is happy to answer any questions. Come along and give it a try.  Playgroup is always fun for everyone.


We operate twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.45am to 11.45am term-time only.

You can attend one or both sessions.

The cost is $70 per term for one session a week (or $140 for two).

We meet at St Luke’s Hall, 34 Pitt Street, Wadestown, Wellington.

If you are interested in enrolling, please contact Nicola Clark on
475 9688 or email

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